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Looking for some cool ideal that can be done with this robot kit


Hi experienced experts,

I got some very basic operations work for my mini kit, as you can see at this URL.

As you know i just get in to this robotic thingy a week or so ago, so any cool ideal would like to sugest me doing for this kit?

Thanks, Hai


This is sooooooooooo sweet.

I always wanted to see our robot following a black line. You will be me hero if you can make it do that. Get electric black tape and run it on a large white board then the robot will have to follow the line. You can do this by placing the reflect sensors on the bottom and read the reflection…
white board = reflection
black electric tape = no reflection


For a new project, with only a short time using Fez, you’ve done a great job there ! Well done.


Very nicely done, Hai!

I might make a robot, sooner or later, but I am going to wait until I find a good chassis that doesn’t cost a half million dollars. I might buy an RC car with everything but the receiver. That way, I can use my servo library to run it.


This is very nice.


Really nice project indeed ! Congratulations ! :smiley:


Hai, very nice job!

Some ideas I remember trying when I first put together a robot:

  1. Build a course/maze and see if it can find its way down the passages.
  2. Use a photo-sensor: , to seek out the brightest light source and drive toward it.
  3. Use your IR sensors to follow a line on the floor or use a metal detector: , to follow a wire.


Thank you Guys,

Actually my initial intention was to start out with line-following project, not because it is cool or anything, but I remember having been assigned this project in an electrical engineering class when i was still college 10 years ago. my class was devided into 4 teams being handed with the a programmable kits and asked to make the robot that can following the line…well at the end the semester we were asked to cary out the demo, and guess what… non of teams’ robots could stay on the line for more 30 seconds. The professor was nice enough to let everyone passed the class.

I am going to try redoing this again. Maze is another good idea, but it may be tough…

Thanks All!


A maze can be easy or hard. Start out by following the right wall. Sooner or later it wii find the way through the maze.


Not if it’s going to wrong way around a circular maze :stuck_out_tongue:


Wall tracking should work on any maze regardless of curve of wall.

Circular maze may get you to the center and then out…

Technique works but is not optimal. In fact, often worse case.


Hi Guys,

It doesn’t seem very hard, once I’ve got the basic. Here it is the line follower robot. It definitely needs more fine tune, but so far it passed my simple line test :slight_smile:

Thanks, Hai


WOW!!! Did you just do it in few hours. You certainly deserve a 250 bonus points… Congratulation, you are now a junior member.

Your videos are now on the home page under news :wink:

… looking forward to see more :smiley:


Interesting… thanks for being so nice :slight_smile: will see if I can teach my robot to even get thru a simple maze on comming days.

Thanks, Hai


This is our way of thanking users that enjoy FEZ and are willing to support FEZ and the FEZ community. Gettign higher ranks will get you a lot of good/free things in future


Great! I enjoy it… that’s important :slight_smile:

Though I think you may have a typo on the frontpage it reads “Our senior member Hai Nguyen”, that should reads "Our JUNOIR member Hai Nguyen " :slight_smile:

Thanks, Hai


yeah that was a mistake…you will be a senior soon :slight_smile:


If you find a nice high performance chasis, please share the info with us.

Thanks, Hai


Hi Hai,

I’m still looking, but I have a few top picks right now:

  • Traxxas Bandit (Hobby shop guy says this is the buggy version of the Rustler)
  • RC18T 1/18 Truck RTR by Associated Electrics (This is not a fullsize RC car, but maybe better for small spaces)

Really anything with a standard ESC and steering servo would work. You could even use a gas model, but I would not recommend it. As cool as the FEZ is, I would not want it controlling something going ~70-80MPH :wink:


Why not? Think innovative, Chris. I bet it would be awesome to have a fez speeding monkey. The monkey should be provided with money to pay for speeding tickets :wink: