Looking for Part Storage/Inventory tracking ideas

Am I the only one that has multiple envelopes of parts from various projects that are sitting in boxes on shelves?

I am getting ready to start work on a new project that will involve multiple boards with a lot of prototype builds. Before I get started I want to organize what part inventory that I have. Usually when I order parts for a project I get extras so as a result I end up with a lot of parts laying around. Has anyone come across an easy to use software program to help track inventory?

Any good ideas on part storage? Currently I use the standard plastic parts drawers but a strip of 10 SMD resistors doesn’t exactly need a whole or 1/3 of a drawer.

It would be nice to track what I have so I am not ordering parts that I already have somewhere.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

These binders are great for small numbers.

I have this program you may have heard of called Excel that I use for this. I even have it so I have the data laid out in the same manner as I have my parts bins set up.

I have been looking for something too and found this online one I am trying out. Seems pretty neat.

@ Dave McLaughlin - ECdb looks promising. It would be nice if they could have supplier information attached to each part. (Preferably multiple suppliers.) I will investigate it some more.

@ hagster - Thanks for the link. Those look interesting. The pre-stocked binders with the assorted resistors and capacitors looked tempting.

I will do some more research and update with what I come up with.

Thanks again!