Looking for old boards: CerbuinoBee, CerbuinoNet, Panda 2, Panda 3, Domino, Cobra III, Cerb40, Cerb40 II, G30 TH, G80 TH

Hi all,
I know I should move to the new hardware but I have heaps of projects to do, and lots of libraries that I can knock projects out with quickly with :slight_smile:

So, as all the old hardware is no longer available, does anyone have any of the old boards they would want to offload? Preferably, someone in Australia but if you not, that’s fine, the postage would be quite small on these and it would still be worth it.

Any of these would be great:

Cerbuino Bee
Panda 2
Panda 3
Cobra III
Cerb40 II
G30 TH
G80 TH


I am probably your target here. I’m in Sydney, and I have most of those, and while I’m a packrat I am happy to consider running down my stocks, so will at some stage dig out the box. I’ve got a heap of stuff going on right now so am not promising anything but if you ping me brett underscore pound (a) hotmail dot com I’ll reply.

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