Looking for library to do geo conversions

I found a library on Nuget for full blown C# (CoordinateSharp) that converts from lat and long to UTM Eastings and Northings and was wondering if anyone using GPS has come across a library that would work with TimyCLR? I only need to go from Lat and Long to UTM.

I found this. I ran a few tests and the results seemed good ( Lat Long to UTM Converter)

Code >>> LatLngUTMConverter/LatLngUTMConverter.cs at master · owaremx/LatLngUTMConverter · GitHub

LatLngUTMConverter luc = new LatLngUTMConverter("");
var a = luc.convertLatLngToUtm(44.897198, -76.24621);
Debug.WriteLine(a.Easting + " : " + a.Northing + " : " + a.Zona);
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Thanks. I discovered that very one last night and it works well and compares with the CoordinateSharp library output that I found for full .NET.