Looking for apropiate Hardware for a project


Im planning to build a motor management system (in the first stage).

Thr User Interface should look like the picture in the attachment and will be displayed on an 7" Display.

Before I planned to program in .net micro framework, I used the Arduino platform for several projects.

I have never programmed any Graphical Interaces for such microcontroller devices, so how do you do that?

While programming in normal c# I can use the Windows Forms Api for programming the GUI, is there also a micro version available?

Which module powerful enough to render such a gui?

The second stage will be including a music player ( multimedia stuff), digital instruments and/or a moving map.



There are many ways to program displays. One of them is the new glide. Search the forum for the word glide.

Emx and chipworkx can run 7" displays. The easiest is to use fez cobra with 7" panel as it is already done for you

Thank you!

Is there also a non Touch Display available? Generally, how are displays connected to the board? Which requirements must be met to connect? Is it possible to connect a Notebook Display to cobra? Which Displays are used often and are well supported with the GHI Modules?



Where do you get that data from and how often do you need to update the display?

When you want multimedia and a moving map… I would go for a embedded PC and run windows or linux that can run existing navigation software.

I get the information from several Sensors. I think the Display should be updated every 500ms (?).

This System will later be a standaolone device in our airplane. It is planned to stay open source so you can add or remove features if you like.

Since we are in our orientantional phase we are looking for a suitable platform to realise the project.
We also thought about using an embedded PC but this will be just “to much”.

Background: We are a group of Students at the University of Bremen. We are building and constructing an LSA Airplane, including several aeronautical and electronical systems.

I dont know if some pilots are around here or have heard of us. We’ve been in a few german flight magazines so I guess we are quite unknown to you guys in the States.

For more information visit http://www.fvhf.uni-bremen.de/


GHI offers 3 display sizes with all needed circuitry for plug-and-play http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/22/

but you can connect about any TFT display with parallel TTL interface if you understand displays.