Looking for a way to get the latest gadgeteercore.msi installer

I know I’m a few years late, but I have a whole lot of gadgeteer components. I used to have this running on an old computer. I would like to get my hands on a gadgeteercore.msi installer xx.0.1000 or above. The one I have version xx.0.500 is somewhere between 2012 and 2013 designer template doesn’t work in either. The legacy site doesn’t compile without a lot of effort.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome back to the forum? Did I talk to you over the phone?

I wouldn’t compile, first try to install as is. What do you see when you just follow the steps as is?

Hi dacuzz.

Go to https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=gadgeteer and download the archive. Have a look at /releases/releaseList.json, find your release (first one is the newest, i.e. 2.43.1000) and from there navigate to the respective folder (named 0 for above mentioned version) and copy the relevant file (i.e. fa750e60-fa0b-4e08-8076-479f14667198) to a new file called GadgeteerCore.msi. Hope this helps!

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Yes we talked over the phone.

Helped a lot. I realized after your post something was wrong with my download. It only partially unzipped the files and folders (weird). Thanks!!! Is there a way to read these json files other than notepad or link one json to another?