Look Ma, without TinyCLR



I guess i have been sleeping under a stone :wink: … what is the nanoFramework?

In short terms, a netmf spin off but with parts completely rebuild and based upon an RTOS.

It’s completely open source. Landing page GitHub - nanoframework/Home: The landing page for .NET nanoFramework repositories.

Or here https://nanoframework.net


Thanks… will have a look…

Merry Christmas!


What a great Christmas gift to all of us. Thanks to everyone contributing to this.


@_Peter - Peter, where is the download for the Electron firmware? Is there a guide for creating new firmware (for a new processor) somewhere on the website?

Various FWs can be found here

What processor are we talking about ?

Are you referring to nanoFramework ?

@_Peter - Thanks! Yes, for the nanoFramework. Probably one of the new ST processors like the STM32H743.

@munderhill - Yeah that is a bit of a problem since at least I don’t have one to model. And there is no ref board in nanoFramework, yet…

Normally you take one of the ref boards with the closest MCU and tinker a bit to get it running and continue from there on. That’s what I did with the Electron that is based on the F4 series, STM32F411CE to be more precise and there we have enough ref boards to copy from, adopt the proper RAM/FLASH size and address if need be plus the board specifics like GPIO and on board stuff this is not that exciting but going for a complete new MCU family like the H7 series is a different ball game …

You can have a look at the underpinning RTOS whether a board of the H7 Series is supported and continue from there. You can follow this approach for boards not in nanoFramework too.