Longevity of Gadgeteer

I’ve decided that to provide extendability to the robot; it would be best to equip it with gadgeteer sockets. To this end:

Q: Will gadgeteer be available as a “thing” for the foreseeable future? If not then what could replace it?

They are planning to release it for RPi (I assume once the UWP will be finished. We have first UWP commits to NETMF, by the way), so I guess it’s future is safe…

I don’t think we have reached ‘peak Gadgeteer’ yet. If anything, we are still on an upward trajectory with more support from ISV’s and IHV’s across more processor types and board packages and more commitment from Microsoft to NETMF, and a clear deep commitment from company’s like GHI and others. Predicting the future is a tough game, but I’d be pretty comfortable reaching for Gadgeteer as a solution for reconfigurable systems today.


It is so decided.