Longer Ribbon Cable Needed

Where can one get a longer ribbon cable to connect to the 4.3" display?

www.digikey.com should have them

The longest they have is 6" which is only an inch longer than the one that comes with…

How about just buying a small roll of ribbon cable? They only cost a couple of quid at most, and can then be reused for any other purposes/projects in the future.

The problem with this ribbon cable is that it terminates into pads. IE, it has to be stripped back specially to include those pads.

Is there anyone who has a spare parts list for the gadgeteer ribbon cable including the pads, so I can assamble the ribbon cable by myself?

Found the Samtec cable customizer but I am very afraid about the pricing. I don’t want to pay 80€ for 10 pieces of FFSD-05-D-03.93-01-N ribbon cables.
Is there a cheaper way to become a owner of customized cables instead of extend the standard gadgeteer cable wit the GHI extender?

Check out this posting http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7265

There’s a reason why they are that short. Too long cables have increased capacitance and make the tft synch signals look like a sine-wave at the end, which of course doesn’t longer work. So depending on the frequency it will work or it just won’t.