Location of ALFAT_SPI_UART_IF_Code_Library

Hi where can I gat a copy of the ALFAT_SPI_UART_IF_Code_Library

Is there any code available for the Arduino family thta is available for testing?

Thank you


Is this a new commercial project or you are experimenting? ALFAT is very old at this point.

Hi Gus, Thank you for your reply.

I have purchased over 75 uALFAT modules and about 25 ALFAT modules from GHI since 2012. There are 66 field instruments currently working that have these modules installed.

The attractiveness of you File System modules, is the availability of Long File Names, as well as the use, in my case, of the fairly rugged USB Flash drive. Much easier and relyaible to insert and remove a USB drive than an SD card or uSD card, especially out doors, at cold temperatures. All the systems have bee using the UART interface.

That being said, I have followed your forum on File System inquiries, and seen a lot of frustration from individuals who are trying to use the ALFAT devices, with various CPU’s, with UART, I2C, and SPI.

I have no feeling how many units of the ALFAT OEM, ALFAT USB, ALFAT SD family you have sold, but as an observer, if you / your technical staff would generate some Arduino C++ generic example code ( Mega 2560, UNO, DUE, etc), you would sell a lot more File System Modules… You are basically the only reasonably priced game in town for Long File Names, and USB Flash drive use.
Most of the people experimenting, and even developing product, do so with the Arduino platform. Millions of people use this SDK. for better or for worse.

Are you in this business to make money, or just to show that you can do this, but that any neophyte must have a PhD in computing science to be able to decipher the system syntax.

I personally would like to play with an SPI connection to an ALFAT OEM, and ALFAT USB module using a Mega2560, ESP8266, ESP32, all with the Arduino SDK.

Just my 2 cents,

For old working systems, you can still buy alfat but it is not recommend for new designs and no technical support is provided unfortunately.

We recommend our customers to use one of our programmable modules. Much better than Arduino and support file system among many other features. C# for snack devices seem to work very well to our customers. It is an upgrade from C.

Hi Gus,

which “our programmable modules” are you talking about?
I do not understand the meaning of “C# ( the language in Visual Studio) for snack devices”



Use G120 module. It is programmable in a commercial development environment, visual studio, and you program in C#. It supports the file system you need and much more.

If this is a commercial design, you may want to contact us directly so we can together device what might be the best perfect for what this are using to accomplish.