Loading boot up logo

Hello all,
I was wondering what is the level of difficulty to replace the text “LOADING” on startup of a glide application by something else (or nothing)
I don’t think it is a feature directly available in the library, but maybe with some source modification it should become possible to put what I want…
I will take a look into : http://netmfglide.codeplex.com/ but if you have some clue it would be great!

Bonus (and vast) question : because looking at “loading” is not funny , how to optimise the boot time, or at least make sure there is not waste of time?
-Reducing code footprint? (if possible)
-Use Build optimisations options?
-Customising libraries , removing unused features?

On case it is helpfull to someone else I self answered my question :
in the glide ressources there is a loading.gif file . That’s what I was looking for!

About boot time optimisations, it is another big topic…

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