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Loaded Assemblies wont decrease Flash free space?


Have someone have take a look on the FEZ FAQ, it is stated that is you include a new assembly, lets say USB HOST, it wont take the space that you ahve for your app, Im using USB Host, USB Device, Serial Port and Storage on a project using the FEZ Domino, and I have used 120KB so far, (it is shown on my VS on the output screen, Micro Framework device Deployment) and the debuf shows all the dll to be loaded,

So the question is, the dlls are loaded into the application flash memory, or Im doing something wrong, cause the FAQ states that [quote]Smaller FEZes are based on the USBizi chipset. This means both have 512KB of flash memory and 98KB of RAM, with about 100KB flash and 50KB RAM left for user applications. These numbers don’t mean much for NETMF users because the TinyCLR (firmware) and the libraries are already stored on USBizi. If you use threading then you still have about 100KB left, if you use XML then you still have about 100KB. What the application flash does is basically hold your application. So how much can you do with 100KB? If you’re coming from the PC world then you’ll think this is extremely small, but its not. Throughout the years we’ve had USBizi on the market being used by professionals, we’ve never had a customer complain about running out of flash memory. Yes, you can purposely fill the flash, but if you manage to write the code properly then 100KB is enough for any application where USBizi (FEZ) fits. [/quote]


There is 2 parts to this, the USB host wrapper in C# and the USB host library. The library is always built in, the wrapper, which is a lot smaller is what gets loaded onto the device.

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that makes a lot of sense, but the same apply for the System and SPOT assemblies??


Those are essential DLLs and are built in IIRC


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Also there is a clear example about how to use the streamreader, it always thow a out of memory exception.

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