Llilum as C# converter to mbed C++

I am using mbed to program my mDot LoRaWAN module. [url]http://www.multitech.net/developer/products/multiconnect-mdot/[/url]
C++ is like Swahili to me.
Things like this take me for ever:

   dot = mDot::getInstance();
    std::vector<uint8_t> devID = dot->getDeviceId();
    //std::string strDevID str(devID->begin(), devID->end());
    std:string strDID = (devID.begin(), devID.end()).c_str();
    printf("deviceID: %s\r\n", strDID);

the code above doesn’t even compile.

A vector of uint8_t really?

So I was wondering if I can use Llilum to write in C# and then somehow have it spit out the correct c++ so I can paste it into my non-Llilum supported board on the mbed platform?

maybe this can help http://www.tangiblesoftwaresolutions.com

I have used converter software before, it seems that the code it produces never compiles, and not being a c++ guy I don’t have much sense as to why the mbed compiler doesn’t like it.

There seems to be many different strains of c++ and their associated comilers.

Yes, even when using a converter some knowledge of C++ is necessary :wink:

I think using llilum here is not a great path to follow, for a number of reasons, not least of which is that if you do, you are still going to get hip deep in C++ anyway because this isn’t a supported platform and there are no C# glue libs for mdot-specific native code. On top of that, Llilum is not ready for prime time yet. Better to just tackle the native coding task head on and use native mbed.

@ mcalsyn - Thanks for that input.

No worries - and now I see you wanted to use Llilum as a code translator, which it doesn’t do in any case.

Anyway - the mDot is an interesting (if somewhat expensive) module. Another reference for my rolodex :slight_smile: Thanks for that.