LittleStep code examples

I am totally new at all this,

I learn by copying others, but theres not much in the way of tutorials around so it’s provign quite difficult to learn…
I have a stepper and a LittleStep module connected to a Fez Spider, but now what? could someone please share some code examples of how to get it moving?


Welcome to the forum. LittleStep is not made by GHI. Have you tried soldermonkey web site?

SolderMonkey forum is pretty much empty.

I have a little experience with getting servos to run with PWM from an extender module learning from these sites:

but steppers remain a mystery to me as there seems to be no examples around.
I just need some example of how to use the different commands to cause some movement, if I have a beginning I can figure out the rest…


Did you download his SDK? It should have Gadgeteer driver for that module. Then it would be same as with other modules: drop in the designer connect to socket and call methods in your code.


Make sure you connect mottors right if you have v 1.0:

From his site:

[quote]Note: The labels on the bottom of the 1.0 board for motor ouptuts are incorrect.

For proper operation, connect one coil of the motor to B1 and A2, the other coil will connect to B2 and A1.[/quote]

Does this mean C#, .NET, Micro Framework, embedded systems and/or electronics?

The best start is to light an led and recognize when a button has been pressed. Once
you are confortable doing the simple things, then on to more interesting stuff.

I have the SDK and have a list of commands, it’s just putting them all together thats tricky since I dont really understand the whole logic of programming - i’m a designer used to machines and making pretty graphics :slight_smile:

I think one of the biggest issues of Gadgeteer is that it’s pretty much ‘made by engineers for engineers’, which excludes a lot of potential users looking for very simple ways to create some simple devices. I guess its just a matter of time until the community grows and there’s more documentation available…

So basically, Im just after some super simple examples of how to use the code. thanks!

Try some of the beginner tutorials from the support page

As for the LittleStep, I have just looked at the code and it has very rich set of methods. You can do all kinds of things. You can do one step, or a certain amount of steps, or steps for a duration of time. You can control rate, step size, directions. You can get events when stepping is done. Very good driver.