Little windy today

It is going to be a busy weekend.

Looks like you have a monkey problem :wink: Sorry about the tree.

Be safe

Yeah that tree was hit by lightning and we were planning to remove it this fall. Chainsaw treessacre time tomorrow.

Did your sensor detect the lightening strike?

Good thing it didn’t hit your house.

@ mhectorgato - It was couple of years ago.

Talking about your lighting detector I could have tested it earlier today as we had some pretty good boomers here.

Glad to see the damage was limited to the tree, without it your yard is going to be different.

Oh man! That sucks.

This reminds me of last year’s dead tree removal. Couple storms had come through and knocked some pieces off but the tallest part remained. So for safety reasons I wanted to remove it… MYSELF. I cut into it with a chainsaw and it started leaning the wrong way. However, there were powerlines and a pole to catch it but I didn’t want to be the envy of all my neighbors. I’m far too cool for that. So my team and I quickly wrapped a rope around it (tree was probably a mile tall ~ 50+ feet) and we “heave-hoed” until our faces turned red and the delight a trunk cracking was heard. Finally, we pulled a little harder and as the tree fell toward us (queue cinematic scene) my life flashed before my eyes (end scene) then I ran to the side. All limbs? Check. Phew. That’s when the real work began.


I love how you emphasized the myself, as if we didn’t see that coming since I’m sure we all listen to the inner engineer like you did :wink:

@ Josh - hehehe great story, glad it didnt end up with a lack of power and angry neighbours. I always make a point of getting the neighbours to help in situations like that. That way no one can blame you :smiley:

After so many years, the WALL is always their in Germany… :frowning:
…OK… Go out .

Saw this and thought it’s relevant to share -

My thoughts to anyone from our community here are affected by this dreadful weather.