Listing Socket Type in catalog view

It would be really handy if the socket type for each module was listed as part of the summary on the main page of the catalog showing all of the modules. This way, we could quickly scan for parts that will fit our main board. It might also be handy to list the sockets supported by the main board in the summary in the same way.

In addition (not instead of) a compatibility matrix cold be helpful as well. It would be a handy doc to have readily available. Oh, wait, I can’t do anything about the catalog, but I guess I could do something about a Wiki page for a compatibility matrix.


Not sure I understand #1 but #2 is simply a table with socket types and compatible modules? IF you guys start it then I can help adding modules to it.

He means to put the info on this page (no clicking thru):

We can’t modify that page.

Yes, it would be nice if that page displayed the socket type for the module.

retail price
USB Client DP Module - Socket D
USB Client support with advanced power supply.