Listening for TCP data over WIFI

Hello all.

My hair has turned quite gray trying to make the RN-XV module listen forTCP data and making this work in my Cerbuino.

Actually I dont think this is possible to do with this module. Yes, you can send a HTTP request and get the response but that is not what I want.

So the idea is to have a module that I can communicate to over wifi from an Android phone, so it would be nice to have a module that supports AdHoc mode.

Then the module should just listen to TCP trafic on a specific port and present that for the Cerbuino/Spider.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

Kind regards from Martin

I think that you’ll have to do that at a lower level of the OSI model. I just flipped through the user manual, and it doesn’t say that it can act as a server at all. You may have to process the data at the packet level (which isn’t as hard as you may think).

I’m currently trying to implement said same server functionality on a Xbee WIFI module [url][/url]

Thanks Mr Smith
I haven’t the first clue as how to go so low level . Could you share some more of your knowledge here?
Are there no other modules that can do this out og the box?
Cheers from Martin

The Xbee WIFI module has a lot more functionality, but I’ve only begun using it (today in fact). Apart from that TCP/IP isn’t hard to implement. Are you an experienced developer?

Ok, well I’ve got ages of experience in. Net but less with the MicroFramework. Can I get you to verify that your Xbee can act as a TCP server? Just when you get around to it:-P

I should be able to verify that in a few days.

128 bit cool:-P

What driver are you using and is it a Cerbuino Bee? AdHoc is sparsely supported on Android devices, and works unreliably without root configurations. This is why we use the HotSpot feature on the WiFi-Rn171 module.

Hey James. That module looks a treat. Much better than using adhoc. Will investigate further. Thanx :stuck_out_tongue: