i want to save values in a list. This values are int, from 0 to ~400. But i read that we can’t put value in array >200 or something like that. So i read that we can use List, but i cant’ find “System.Collections.Generic” reference.
And i want to know how many values we can put in a array (i have a fez panda 2).

the maximum value you can put into any array is dependent upon what type of an array it is. a byte array is limited to values of 255, but an integer array is much higher than 400.

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@ Tirmit - The number of items you can put into and array would depend on the datatype of the array and the amount of available memory.

.NETMF limits a normal array to a total of roughly 700KB. And array of bytes would be 700,000 bytes (give or take) while an array of ints would be +/- 175,000. Of course this assumes that you even have enough memory for such big allocation.

There is no System.Collections.Generic in .NETMF, generics are not supported. So you will need to use ArrayList etc. Internally ArrayList has an array of object references so in this case even if you are storing bytes, you would be further limited by the fact that your bytes are being boxed into objects so the Array list would not benefit in terms of the size of the elements being stored. Of course general heap utilization would be impacted.

I do not own a Panda II so I cannot give actual numbers, but the principals above will apply and you can test it quite easily.