List of not working and/or problematic classes/namespaces


I’m just wondering if there is a collection of NETMF-classes and/or namespaces that are known not to work reliable?
I just found two of them, and I’m not using NETMF for that long until now.
Maybe I’m just to unexperienced or not clever enough to use them, but I couldn’t get them working without the whole App crashing.

That’s first the System.Net.Dns-Class, the only thing it gives back to me when I try to resolve a hostname is a SocketException, no IP :(. As a workaround I wrote my own small DNS-Client, it can’t do much but for my purposes it’s enough. I made it available in the Codeshare.
The second thing is the Microsoft.SPOT.Time namespace with the Timeservice-class in it. It looks nice and useful, but if I use it, after a while the network-connection stops working, and if another function tries to use the network the whole device crashes without any debug-message and stops responding. I replaced it with a code-snipped (that does exactly the same) that a friend gave me and run it in a separate thread and everything is fine. The server (ok, server is a large word for a G400 with a WiFi-module, a NTP-client and a HttpListener running :smiley: ) is now running over night to see if it’s stable enough.

Do you also have problems with these things, or am I just to new (and unprofessional :frowning: ) to these programming-things to get it running properly?