List of module sizes & mounting hole locations?

I’m building a fun module exhibit for Maker Faire which involves laser cutting a frame for each module.

Is there a handy list of module sizes & screw hole locations? I’m currently measuring by hand, but if this information is already available somewhere it would save me a lot of time.

Funny I am working on a secret project now and I wished there is a list of module sizes.

I’ll post my list when I get done measuring.

When, precisely, are you ever NOT working on a secret project? Not to mention a secret project that you tease us mercilessly with tantalizing tidbits, and make us wait for the actual release. You’re incorrigible, is what you are! :slight_smile:

Secret, hell we all know what it is, and we have been waiting to get it. I’m about to build my own secret project with a sheet of plywood and a double barrel full of birdshot which should give me a bunch of 3mm holes. Might take me a couple of tries to get the range right to get the 5mm spacing however, but when your project is finished put me down for a couple.

@ Duke Nukem - you got it. Very smart for sure :slight_smile: