List of moduels that come with schematics

Hi guys,

As far As I understood, not all modules come with schematcs. I am especially interrested in the GHI cellular radio module and the GPS module. Are there schematics available, or planned or planed to be?
A list with this info for the different modules would be a good thing here, I think.



@ RandomWireMan - Welcome to the forum!

Some of the modules are made by Seeed Studio, so you might find schematics on their site, or ask them directly. It looks like both that you mentioned are Seeed modules. We’re still patiently waiting for the Seeed modules to be in stock. Rumor has it they’re stuck in customs somewhere. Some forum members have ordered direct from Seeed already, so you might see some chatter about some of them.

The best place would be the gadgeteer codeplex.