Lipo protection

I have a Lipo battery in my circuit with a LM317-based charger. Don’t judge me please :slight_smile: It is a through-hole prototype before going to SMD parts.

I’m worried about what happens when the battery completely discarges and get damaged.

How can I protect the battery? Can someone suggest a simple way to disconnect the battery electronically at a certain voltage level?

I’m thinking either a P-channel logic level MOSFET on the positive supply or an N-channel on the return (before the 1 ohm current sense resistor).

Any other suggestions?

I am not sure myself but I am sure others would help. But would you please post questions like this on in “off topic” please? Do not worry about this thread but for future threads please.

We had a similar thread regarding monitoring Lipo voltage a month or so ago. Search for that.