Lipo battery for Fez feather

What’s the recommended voltage and amp for the Fez Feather?

Is there api to check the battery level?


common 3.7v lipo is needed. As for size, it depends on how you want your board to run off battery. I use 1000mAh

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I am using the wifi only, but this takes lot of power.

wifi+cpu = about 500mA so a 1000mAh is good for 2 hours.

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Thanks Gus. Is it safe to use to 2000mAh, 5000mAh?
Do we have api to check the battery level?

Any battery will do but higher capacity will take longer to charge as the charging current is not adjustable.

Looking at the schematic shows no battery monitoring circuitry is fitted. You would need to make something to fit inline with the battery connector do to this but what out for charging current. Eg, you can use the DS2745 and can detect charging and discharging.

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Thanks. I was just concerned about overheating if the amp is too high. Will look into ds2745, not critical stuff though.

Your device will only draw what it needs. The higher amp battery will simply mean longer running life. The charging is preset to around 450mA with the max from the charging IC being 500mA. Your larger battery will simply take longer to charge at that current.

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