Linux on RPI2 coding

Anyone has done coding on RPI2 with Linux? What language and what tools?

Mono and C#
c/c++ with GCC
bash scripts

currently doing a large project with mono and c#.

Using visual studio on pc to develop and test. when I need to debug on actual pi I use monodevelop

Yup - I should have listed the full toolset. For Mono, I use MonoDevelop on a Debian 8 desktop or Visual Studio on a PC with Mono installed. MonoDevelop can be installed on the RPi, but it is a very painful experience (slow). I use Samba to share the files and xmake to compile on the RPi.

A lot of what I am doing requires native-code interaction through P/Invoke, which means I need to use mocks and/or multiple-platform/cross-platform versions of my native code. I use xmake on the RPi for builds on the RPi.

Just some basic programs using Python + Nano.

Someone here recommended VisualGDB for C# + Mono for a Odroid C1, so should work for RPI2 as well.

oh, I am using a network of raspberry pi 2s and find their speed to be very fast.

I installed xrdp and use Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac. I have open sessions to call the hosts.

I use samba for file sharing.