Linux on hydra

Is it possible to install a video player on linux on the fez hydra?

I don’t see why not.

Have you seen this by the way?

@ Damien - Due to lack of RAM, the short answer is no. The long answer is if you can find a super fast SD card, have the ability to set “Swap Space” and then compile the player and it’s dependencies from source. Otherwise you would need to write specialized software that interfaces with XORG (X11) that would be dedicated to media playback without a full blown window and desktop manager. Video playback (not to mention the window manager and desktop manager required to even run a graphical application) consumes quite an amount of RAM.

@ architect
I have had a look at that page but it doesn’t say whether applications can be installed

@ james
I have a class 10 8gig sd card(read speed is 30MB/s) will it involve a lot of work to incorporate a video player onto the hydra?

@ Damien - Unfortunately, yes. There will be a lot of work, hair pulling and a long compile time. Installation of any application is possible as long as there is a source package available. Some packages may have binaries available however you will be compiling for the most part.