Linux on Hydra Support Thread

Please find the wiki page for Linux on Hydra v 1.0 at :

Please use this thread for questions, suggestions and fixes for Linux only.


1.Linux 2.6.30 Angstrom with Atmel maintainer and experimental patches
2.SD Card boot and file system
3.T35 display supported

Known issues at this time:

1.TouchPanel not implemented.
2.No Ethernet

This is great! The $500 prize is on its way to your inbox :wink:


Totally awesome!
Very good work and super article… :slight_smile:

Very nice job!

I have verified most of it without any issues will finish this weekend. Great work indeed and well deserved prize!

Thanks guys.

@ Architect - special thanks for helping with the verification.

any word on ethernet support?

Nothing on Ethernet yet.