Linksprite serial jpeg camera

We are going to make a robot using FEZ PANDA II. We have a camera ( Linksprite TTL jpeg camera ) but dont know how to connect it to the Fez panda ii. we found a library here

how should we connect it ?


Hi Sydcnky, welcome to the forums.
For the code you pointed to, it assumes the camera is connected to COM1.
That means connecting the COM1OUT line to the RX line on the camera, the COM1IN to the TX of the camera, and then power and GND. Since the camera is advertised as 5v (well sparkfun mention don’t trying 3v3; YMMV) you need to connect the power pin of the camera to 5v not 3v3.
Of course you could always change the COM1 in code and connect it to COM2, COM3, or COM4 if you wanted to. Your choice. Just remember that RX on the camera connects to TX or OUT on Fez, and TX on camera connects to RX or IN on Fez.

Thanks so much for your answer Brett :slight_smile:

I m newer and not very similir to the these stuffs so don’t know what should i do to get a picture with Fez and camera.
My aim is to get the pixels of the picture and than have some image processing,but not on computer i 'm trying to make a robot with using this.
Is this code i’ve pointed to before stocking the picture to the SD card? Or how can i stock it to an SD card with this code ?

That code you showed gets the image data from the camera. It then let’s do what you want with the data.

Looking at the sample usage code, this function is called when the data is ready to use. The bytes variable will contain all the information.

private static void ProcessChunk(byte[] bytes)
            foreach (var byter in bytes)

This sample only sends the image byte array from the camera to the debugger.

You could replace that section with code to write to the SD card.

Take a look at the code here at how you could write to the SD
Note = you’d need to add a method to write a byte array.

thanks for your help :slight_smile:
I’m trying to use these codes but i 'm getting errors that i dont understand why it causes.

Error 1 The type or namespace name ‘LinkspriteCamera’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Error 2 The type or namespace name ‘SerialPort’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Is it about the references? What should i do?

Did you just get the sample code for the Linksprite?

Sounds like you need to get the driver as well. On that page in your first post, it’s the code listed under “Source Code”

Yes,i have the source code too. Does not this usage example ( the code in my first post ) refers to that source code ? if not how can i do ?

you are running into a “namespace” issue.

you probably need to go through and look at the tutorials to best understand WHY you’re seeing this and HOW to address this. [url][/url] has plenty of resources to help. [url]GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

I did everything like you said and how i should do. Nothing seems wrong.
But,still always getting the error message " An error occured,please check your hardware"
Everytime i get this msg and cant fix it.

Can you help me please ?


Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
Deploying assemblies for a total size of 238568 bytes
Assemblies not successfully deployed to device.
Deployment to the device was not successful.

Can this cause because of total size ?

yes probably. You should trim what assemblies you have in References that are unnecessary;