Linker errors while trying to run Lynx program

I’ve been playing a bit with my Lynx board and we able to flash some LED’s and write strings to my character display etc. But now all of a sudden it all stopped working and I am getting linker errors like those shown below. The strange thing is that I did not really change my code when this started happening.

I also found a few times that even though I stop the application it is actually still running somewhere in the background and I need to kill its process before I can re-run the code.

But I could not not yet figure out what else to stop to resolve this latest link error. I understand Lynx is still in Beta, but hope someone will at least be able to offer some advice.

The link errors look lke this:

Error	15	error LNK1120: 14 unresolved externals	C:\data\dev\Lynx\betalynx\Programs\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\Release\Blink_w_all.exe	Blink_w_all
Error	12	error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__FT_Close@ 4	C:\data\dev\Lynx\betalynx\Programs\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\main_all.obj	Blink_w_all
Error	5	error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__FT_GetQueueStatus@ 8	C:\data\dev\Lynx\betalynx\Programs\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\main_all.obj	Blink_w_all
Error	2	error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__FT_ListDevices@ 12	C:\data\dev\Lynx\betalynx\Programs\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\Blink_w_all\main_all.obj	Blink_w_all

Are you linking to the appropriate library for your arch? With the latest build they can be found in Build/FEZLynx/Libraries . From there, it is separated by platform then arch. Previous versions should either have the library in a similar location or in the lib folder of the FEZLynx mainboard source.

Edit: By library I meant the FTD2XX library.

Are you mixing code from bitbucket and the bundled Beta files: If so, chances are that many of the include file paths and library file paths will occasionally change. So the original blink_w_all program will need those adjusted. See also: post #26

Thanks for the advice guys. Yes, my problem was resolved after I re-added the link to the FTD2XXX library. (The first link in Jeff’s first link).

glad we could help