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Link Problems


Hi Gus and team,

Don’t know if you know this - but if not:

Your links from the Microsoft site does not work anymore since you created the new website. I guess it’s a problem that you gave through but “they” might be slow to respond? :wink:

Secondly, I only use Google Chrome as a browser, and it seems one cannot login anymore from Chrome since the new update - plus have a look at the “look and feel” on Chrome… I only saw the effect now on Explorer since I am using Explorer now to post this link…

If you know all this - then - sorry about the post, just want to make sure your products get promoted as best possible since they are AWESOME!!! And since the new website there seems to be minor issues…

Thanks fo all the great support and a truelly great product!


Clearing Chrome’s cache should fix that.


I had to logout and then back in again

Cheers Ian


Yes, but he can’t login :wink:


Ha - thanks - cleared my browser cache, closed the browser, reopened - and wallah - new look and feel + I can post this from Chrome!


Is replying working is replying working? I hope so!
The new web site looks great, little bright at this point. Hehe.

Good job team 8)