Linear potentiometer & 2 wire temperature sensor and Spider

HI, i’m order the Spider yesterday, i want use it for telemetric application,
i use more device, and i have undestand wat is the connector for each,

  1. power and pc connection
  2. cam
  3. ANT module for Heart rate
  4. SD card
    8 ) GPS module
  5. Guess Potentiometer and temperature?! <<====== Problem is this
  6. Joystik or touchscreen
  7. IMU 9DOF Razor
    12/13/14) Monitor

the only 3 device i dont undestand where connect:
2 x linear potentiometer,3,.php
1 x 2wire sensor temperature

in the image are what i think to do, for the potentiometer guess to use the 9 port… but I do not know if it is right, and how to use it.

I hope whe can help me please


your “two wire” temperature sensor is actually a K type thermocouple. To effectively read the temp from that you need to use a thermocouple support chip - max6675 or the newer max31855. Either of these devices use SPI to communicate back to the Spider.

Your displacement sensor seems to be a “variable resistance” device so you will need to use analog-in pins for that.

hope that helps

Perfect i have order in this time the max31855 :slight_smile: i have the thermocouple but not have uset at time.
For the potentiometer i use the same Vcc(1) and 5+(2) and 2 Analog input(3&4) whitout problem , is ok?
some at Fez Domino , i have see the draw in the Spider sample and i have make the question becose I was afraid that manage the port for module and not the single analog input :stuck_out_tongue:

Analog inputs handle a maximum of 3.3V, not 5V.

@ Mike i use 2 LM3940ISX-3.3 hope is correct

The pots require 3.3V! :smiley: