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Like to see other modules


Would like to see another module to bridge the gap between the Cobra and the ChipworkX.
something faster than the cobra, and cost less than the ChipworkX.
The Cobra board is a great size, maybe something based on the LPC17xx series would be good. run up to 120mhz, slap that on a small board using the mini-pci.


We have already tested 120Mhz LPC1700 and the speed was about the same as EMX 72Mhz!!! It was very disappointing to see that after we spent long time on porting to cortex.
Processor is faster but both use the same speed SDRAM bus (60Mhz) and so it is not faster.

Not to worry, GHI is always cooking something new so stay tuned.


No kidding ;(

Thats what i like to hear :wink:


What I’d like to see is something in the FEZ line based on the 1700. Panda III here we come!


or Freescale i.MXS


i.MXS is slow as far as I am concerned :slight_smile:


Fair enough, you know far better than me. I would love just to have something faster than a cobra board and fit on a mini pci card. something to the tune like this.

Maybe knock off the RJ45 and place a FPC connector there for LCD.
the user could place his own RJ45 on his main board.