Lightweight Menu System

For my own projects I have written a general purpose WPF menuing system that consists of a main menu and sub-menus (5 levels deep). Each menu consist of up to six menu selections using six vertical touch screen buttons (T35 display). While it is capable of hundreds of menus, one only defines the number of menus that are needed.

It can be adapted to almost any Gadgeteer application. What makes it useful is it does not require any program logic to define custom menu layouts and the predefined actions to be taken when a menu item is selected. Attached is a small sample of a main menu, a sub-menu, and application display of information using the menuing system.

Given that there are six touch screen buttons, numerous menu layouts, and menu selection actions it consists of 800 source lines. Give its size and general purpose nature; is this the kind of application that would be of interest to the Forum?

It can be. I would put it on Codeshare for sure!

Yes code share please :slight_smile:

Okay, I will work on the documentation and share it. I was concerned that it doesn’t fit into the category of a pure NETMF “gadget”, but directed at supporting software for any “gadgeteer” application regardless of its purpose.
Thanks, Bob

Waw nice lightweight solution … It can interest for sure … at least to me !!

Thank you for sharing.