Lights, camera,?

Is there any information about how much light is required to get a reasonable picture with the L2 Camera module. I’d like to take a few pix of the actuators inside basically a pitch black, sealed pressure housing. It would be great if one of the stock GHI LED modules provided enough light for the L2 Camera module and I wouldn’t have to build anything. Next best would be if I replaced the LEDs and maybe the current limiting resistor on a stock GHI LED module. Other ideas will be appreciated.

@ Gene - I don’t think any of the stock GHI LED modules are bright enough for what you’re after.

I’d probably look at using a breakout module to connect to one of these:

And use that to drive one of the 3W LEDs they sell:

But before investing in that, I’d consider getting a cheap LED flashlight, and set the camera up in the desired location (or similar lighting conditions, given the sealed housing) and test for image quality with the LED flashlight and the L2 module. And I’d recommend picking up a light meter (or even just an app for your phone) to measure the rough lux level where you get acceptable image quality.

Hope that helps!

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@ Gene - is pretty bright when set to white, not sure if it would be bring enough for your purposes though.

OK, thanks.

@ Gene - You mention ‘Pressure Housing’, what sort of pressure does it reach?

it yells “hurry up” every 3 minutes :smiley:

The whole system gets thrown in the ocean at depths up to 500 meters (750 lbf/in^2). All the electronics are on the inside of the pressure housing at 1 atm.