Lightbulb reinvented (Kickstarter project)
I just backed this. I could not resist the temptation :).

@ Gus: you can put this in your new office :slight_smile:

Cool project, expensive for one bulb though. :slight_smile:

It is interesting and yes a tad pricey but if the bulbs actually last 25 years, perhaps cost effective (assuming we still have electricity in 25 years). I hate the energy efficient bulbs they sell now as they never seem to last as long as they claim, which pretty much kills the idea of saving money with them (plus the mercury in them bothers me).

The wifi control is interesting as wifi is a bit of a power hog when compared to other wireless methods (ie xbee or ANT+), but then it would need a command module somewhere to accept wifi and send out commands via whatever wireless you go with, but I would think that would be a better idea (but then again they have thought about this longer then I have). I might pledge 4 or so and see how well they work (Mar 2013 ship date). I’m curious about the wattage and cooling aspects of these lights if they are as bright as they say.

A WiFi enabled light bulb??

What’s next Blueetooth toilet paper?

Sounds like over-engineering a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

Ouch! :slight_smile:

Indeed. Much more than I’m willing to pay. I also believe I read a few months back that one of the major brands (GE? Sylvania?) already had a WiFi enabled LED. I don’t think it had the fancy software, but that’s easily created by the community. Of course, I can’t find the article now.

This made me think of this TED talk.

One thing I keep wondering…if staring at an LCD backlit by LEDs can disrupt our circadian rhythms, should we not be a trifle cautious in wholesale adoption of LED lighting for our homes? Of course, I write this whilst staring into a baclit screen, with a bedside lamp next to me shining an LED bulb, so I’m already participating in the experiment, at least modestly.

This would be awesome for about 15 minutes, and then you’d get bored of playing with it, and wonder why you paid 2x for an LED light bulb :frowning:

Then your kids would figure out the password, and would drive you nuts turning it up and down, and then you’d take it down and put it in a drawer.

At least, that’s the way it would happen around here.

In general, I love the idea of a WiFi RGB LED lightbulb. For half the price, I’d probably buy quite a few of them. WiFi light switches & outlets would be even more useful. The idea of being able to turn all the lights off in the house from any web browser in the house/phone/tablet is very appealing. In some rooms it would be fun to be able to change the color.

(Yes, I know about X10. It sucks…)

Whole house Ambilight, anyone? :smiley:

Hey, that frequency may be soothing…

If you’re looking for home automation, X10 isn’t the only (or even a very good) solution. Look into Insteon (Insteon dimmable LED bulb, half the price: ) or Z-Wave.

Is it possible to hack this thing / control it from other ‘non-insteon’ devices?

That, I couldn’t say. I believe, however, you’d only need one Insteon “controller” that you could talk to, to act like a bridge.

Anything can be hacked! :slight_smile:
I remember looking at both these guys a while back…but instead opted for arduino + my one home ‘wifi’ network using a bunch of (CHEAP) xbee modules…it’s more fun to create your own and you’ll be amazed how simple it is. xbee modules can be found for under $20 and coding against them is as simple as coding to any serial i/o port…