Library Documentation Question NETMF + GHI 4.3


I am lost in the APIs and their documentations. I would like to collect all available API docs for the most common version of NETMF and GHI extenstions.

Here is the API docs for NETMF Core. : .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK | Microsoft Learn

We have a GHI api docs:

I am looking for API docs for Modules… but I cant find any. I usually visit the CodePlex link:

For example I am looking for:

And I would like to know what is the difference between:


Is there any other source for netmf 4.3 and for GHI library docs?

Thank you for your help,

so for a start, there is no GHI.Premium.anything in 4.3. That was in 4.2 and the Premium name was removed/collapsed in 4.3, so that’s why you can’t find it., it doesn’t exist.

the ENC28 module code is on codeplex where you pointed out. However that’s not the interface heavy lifting… That is all documented in the GHI.Networking class

I suspect that the code snippet you show below is a typo. EnableStatusIP doesn’t make sense. The “Enable” constructors that are inherited from the base class are EnableDHCP(), EnableDynamicDNS(), EnableStaticDNS() and EnableStaticIP().

Dear Brett,

Thank you for your reply. You mean these 3 links cover the whole documentation? I hope :slight_smile:
Thanks for the clarification for Premium library. 4.3 Version is pretty cool and much more easier to handle the current API docs in my Bookmarks.


The question is not aimed to EnableStaticIP method, however the way how to get there. I have NetworkInterface and NetworkSettings classes almost the same functionality. Its not a problem only strange.