Level Interrupts

I am trying to use level interrupts with an ISR that will issue a ClearInterrupt once it has done its business - I am using this with a Freescale MMA845xQ accelerometer which fires active low. Anyway, I’d really prefer not to poll the accelerometer, plus the edge interrupts so far appear to be no good for two reasons. (a) I get interesting results with all the different combinations I have tried - the “best” being an interrupt several times on initialisation, and then no more. (b) Even if it did work I’d have no way of halting the interrupts while the ISR was functioning.

I eventually found a thread somewhere on this forum in which someone mentions that level interrupts are not supported in “the current SDK” - is this correct and which SDK is this referring to? The MF SDK or the GHI SDK? I have seen quite a few examples online with Netduino and so one using Level Interrupts - are these using OEM versions of the MF SDK or something?

Thanks in advance.

We didn’t add it to the SDK because we didn’t see benefits. Let us look into it.