Let the history write, GHI revives the dead!

About 8 years ago, USBizi was the very first single chip running NETMF and built the “Freakin Easy” product line, including the popular FEZ Panda II. I have just received a bootloader/firmware from our team to run TinyCLR OS on all USBizi boards! I am now running VS2017 with FEZ Panda II. I hope you can see how cool this is :nerd:

How many companies out there give you brand new software upgrade for free for a product they discontinued years ago? Go ahead and send some beer to GHI Electronics headquarters.

The docs are getting updated https://github.com/ghi-electronics/Docs/blob/dev/hardware/legacy_products/netmf/usbizi.md

This support includes all these boards:

  • USBizi 100
  • USBizi 144
  • USBizi DevSys
  • FEZ Rhino
  • FEZ Panda
  • FEZ Panda II
  • FEZ Mini

I never used those products but for history that you bring from death to life discounted products make me love much more TinyClrOS so i mean to call TinyCLR OS - Phoenix (ReBirth)

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Where’s the link to send the beer?

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DM me and I’ll send you an address :wink:

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hahaha. Tell us if anyone falls for that :wink:

But being real for a moment, since I have no US experience in this regard, does anyone know an Interflora equivalent for beer?


I cant think of one apart from GHI
It really is fantastic your doing all this work that helps keep the older boards alive too!
I hate the feeling of having all this electronics stuff (not just GHI brds) about collecting dust, thinking one day you’ll find a use for it… Well now I have and acually built a proof on concept project for a client that I got running on the G120 Cobra II, G400 Raptor & G80 dev board (ok these arent that old…but are heading that way). Was so cool to just swap boards and upload the same TinyCLR project on the different boards and see it run…
So hanging out for the G400 Firmware .5!


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TinyClr OS better than Dyson to remove dust !
:beer: :beer: :beer: to all the team.


:astonished: :+1:

GHI rocks! You guys are awesome, and here’s a few cold ones on me! :beers:

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Almost fell for it; was tired and not thinking. Good thing Brett spoke up. Thanks Brett ! :grin:

Thanks, @Brett

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This is FANTASTIC!!! I may have 20 Pandas and several Panda II’s. This is very very exciting. I bet I have some of the old dev systems in a box too. Wow. This is one of the most exciting announcements from GHI ever. Not because it resurrects my dead closet of hardware, but because it shows how versatile TinyClrOS is.
Did somebody say that they had microPython running on TinyClrOS?

OK, why is it THIS announcement that is going to get me to install TinyClrOS instead of my newer gadgetry hardware? I think maybe it’s because I felt kind of cheated by MS (though I am not blaming them), and my big investment in Gadgeteer was now soured by the experience. But, if I go all the way back to the Panda, and can develop for it using VS 2017, and then if I can move forward through the newer and more powerful hardware again, then it becomes fun again. Yeah, this makes it fun again. Guys, because I taught classes using the Panda and Panda II, I have boxes of Panda Tinkerer kits and the old “pre-grove” modules (E-Blocks). Tonight, when I get off work, FEZ becomes FEZ again. Gus, tell the team thanks for me. Thanks for making it fun again. Heck, I think that even though I read the posts almost every day, this is the first time in years that I have written a post.

Gus, what was the all-in-one kind of device that you had that had CAN and Ethernet in an enclosure with an LCD Screen? I have some of those too.

I found it in my old orders in my account on the main site. It was a CANxtra BOX. IS that covered too?

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You will have to send some beer :slight_smile:

EVERYTHING is covered. When you are with GHI, you are in good hands. You already know that :sunglasses:


First post here. I had some electronics fun in the past mainly with avr and pic.
Then I totally stop for mainly 8 years. I had some plan to restart this hobby when I discovered gadgeteer and mikroe, have bought a few boards but still had no real time.
I am following Ghi for almost 2 years (in the background) and with the outcome of the tinyClr, I have decided to give my hobby a new life. I was thinking netmf had no future, Ghi just prove I was totally wrong.
Long life to C#, VS, TinyClr and GHI.

Now waiting for 0.6, Fez and all the news things announced by Gus.

Not sure It would be easy to send Belgian beer to US, otherwise it would be a pleasure :beers:


What if we come visit you? You can buy us a beer then :sunglasses:

But really, welcome to the community.

Thanks Gus, and If you come to Belgium, let me know. We have plenty of good beer over here …

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One of my big reservations about putting my company’s R&D efforts in to building off of GHI products was the uncertainty of NETMF, if you would be able to pull off the great Tiny CLR OS resurrection to keep .NET viable.

I’m risking a great deal - truthfully, putting my company’s future on the line by putting so much time and energy in to building out on systems which rely on GHI.

It is reassuring to see such a deep level of commitment and fanaticism towards your end goal. Too many companies today are only about “moving forward, never backwards”, and are all too quick to obsolete old things in favor of newer, shinier things. It’s built in to the American genetic code, I think. Yesterday’s technology is so much trash to be thrown away when the newest gadget comes out.

This being said, I need you guys to be on point with TinyCLR and get it right. I mean, get it REALLY right. Even if it takes a hair longer to complete, or whatever. Steps like this backward integration are very important. Because I’m literally staking my employee’s futures on your employee’s ability to deliver, “regression testing and compatibility” has a very real meaning as you move forward.

Keep up the good work, guys. And thanks. Like I said it is reassuring to see this level of commitment and attention to detail as you guys are doing.

Which is why this week release didn’t make it out. And why FEZ is not available for sale :slight_smile: We are taking our sweet time making sure everything is PERFECT.

Like you, there are tens of thousands of commercial products out there that 100% rely on GHI Electronics. We earned the trust by the way we do business. There was a little hiccup with NETMF due to reasons you know but we are right back on track.

Thanks for the good words. This will make us work harder, even on weekends :nerd:

Microsoft did the same damn thing with XNA framework so this is the second time (at least) I’ve been bit by them. I had six months invested in R&D in to a new 3D engine built on XNA immediately prior to that announcement.

Hey let’s announce an exciting new technology! Get people using it! Then pull the rug out from under their feet!

I decided at that moment I no longer wanted to be a “Microsoft Partner”, and quit paying them for the privilege.