Lego Interactive Servo Motor

Did someone already try to use Lego Interactive Servo Motor (

Someone is making a gadgeteer module for it :wink:

O, great. That is a great news. Now i really wish that i would be a GHI Insider.

@ Gus - Who’s working on that one, Gus? Can you say?

A company in Europe. We talked about it and they are now studying gadgeteer. I think there is plenty of interested Lego users and gadgeteer users can benefit from the Lego parts.

Very cool! As we’d discussed, I’d thought about doing a module for easy connectivity with the motors, but haven’t had time to move forward on that. Glad someone is. :slight_smile:

This looks very interesting. @ Gus can you share any timescales?

We are only supporter/sponsor so we do not know much yet but will try to find out.

Just had a look at the specs and the I2c commands…they are pretty wizzy with PID control etc…
Think I have to get a few and play :slight_smile:

Me too. My 4 year old daughter loves it when we play Lego with my mind storms kit. It’s would add some extra options to play with…,us,3,61.cfm

Hey Gus. Do you have any new information?

No new news but i think this this is a great project for the community to go on creations.