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Legacy Support for Domino and others


I know that Gadgeteer is basically just more code and kewlio devices; with that in mind: How does the 4.2 framework with Gadgeteer support the Fez Devices (like domino)?


You can still compile 4.1 apps in Visual Studio for legacy devices like Domino and such. Gadgeteer is just another managed class library on top of the framework.
So in short.

To summarize:

  1. You can still use VS to build 4.1 apps
  2. 4.2 is not supported on USBizi based devices
  3. There is no Gadgeteer for legacy devices (doesn’t really makes sense to have it there)


So there is no 4.2 for Domino and crew?


Nope, no 4.2 on Domino and crew.


Is there anything super important that we’d miss from the 4.2 framework?


I think you have answered your own question :wink:

No, not really.


Remote firmware update and one wire support! Ack, I’ll have to upgrade to a better device. Rock, say hello to hardplace.


Ok so therefore I have to install the previous framework and ignore Gadgeteer altogether. Rats.


…and there is no premium framework for version 4.1. Oh my God.


USBizi on 4.1 is Premium! Namespaces are different, but all the functionality is there.


Yes there is… The USBizi, EMX and ChipworkX libraries were premium.


By the way OneWire and IFU does work on 4.1 USBizy using GHI premium libs as well:

So stop complaining and finish that project! :wink:


Where does Gus keep the old framework installers anyways?


The most recent one is at:

You have to be logged in to get it.

Here is direct link:


Ah, you have to be logged in; and I’m here thinking the site is broken.


Yeah, it got me first time too.


Got it; Lol, you have to log in.