Legacy HW + SW

Hi quys, Fez Config ends with error code 0x0070002:

Error 0x80070002: Failed to acquire payload from: ‘https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/SDK/sam-ba.2.12.exe’ to working path: ‘C:\Users\adams\AppData\Local\Temp{2EC8B053-E6AD-4150-83CC-3732DC6581F5}\sam_ba.2.12.exe’

Are you serious?? Now what?

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Start by telling us what device are you using and what are you trying to do?

he’s using one of the sam-ba devices, so that’s most likely a G400.

@Adam, you might need to chill a little, you’re concerned about a legacy platform and that might mean you need to do stuff a little differently… it’s pretty simple, find a sam-ba version and do what you need.

I know he is using G400 but I thought it would be more fun to ask him to make a proper support request instead of just “are your serious” comment :sunglasses:


Two days I am tryin to upload new SW to my g120 and FEZ Raptor. Unsuccessfully. GHI are forcing people to buy new board or get away from GHI stuff - forever.

I think that much more sufficient would be to change the link in the app to the new one. If any exists (probabbly do not). :frowning:

I have some old G120 boards that are running NETMF 4.3 and I can still use them with VS2013 and the NETMF installation and downloads.

Which VS version are you trying to use this with?

Also, are you using a HUB to connect the G120? I’ve found that only USB3.0 hubs work or direct to the PC’s own USB ports.

Are this saying GHI should remove all old download links and not help anyone on this forum?.

Forum is great. What I am saing is that forum can’t substitute bad decissions. I have tons of questions…

Now I have decided to upgrade FEZ Raptor to be able to use latest Visual Studio. I am uneble switch the board to the bootloader mode. Desired COM port in device manager is always disabled.

Do you see a pattern here? Your board is 5 years old and it is discontinued and not supported. Also, your last posted was last 4 years ago! Still, we are here ready to help but we first please ask without bullying.

You need to provide more info. This interface is coming directly from the processor, which was made by Atmel, which is Microchip now…much has changed on their end in the past MANY years. Once you get passed that, you will be on the GHI side and all should go smoother. I would like to point it out again that this is a long discounted product and we provide help and links to be helpful to our customers that we respect. We will continue to try.

If you are not sure what you need, get v1.0 loader download from here https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/netmf/bootloader.html

Then go to mcirochip and get the SAM-Ba tool to load the file. Some instructions are here https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/netmf/g400d.html#loading-bootloader

Hi Adam

again, I think you should check your attitude at the door.

You’ve got an old product. But it’s still “supported” in the community here, and that’s the level of support you’ll continue to get from us (and GHI who are continuing to do this social support even though the product formally is no longer supported).

Changing the link in the app would require a change to an established piece of code, and that in itself then requires support - so it would have been much better if you consider this a locked away app and you downloaded all components you need and locked them in a virtual safe for later use; but for now, we’ve given you the hints that you should need.

To help us further help, you should clearly articulate what you can see with your device (things like device manager, and what components we’ve talked about that you have installed.

I’m not sure who your “bad decisions” comment was directed to - GHI or yourself? If GHI, I’d say nope, they are a commercial business that have to draw lines in the sand at some stage. We all have come unstuck on the point of buying something only to find it became unsupported, before we considered our use of it “finished”, or just before a better model was released. If yourself, again I’d say nope, you bought something to do the job when you bought it, and time moves on; it’s still a capable platform, and still worth pursuing; but I would say if you are prototyping something for the future that may turn into a bigger thing, now may be the right time to consider the new TinyCLR OS SITcore products rather than put effort into proving a concept on the old stuff and having to re-do some of that in the new world.


Thanks Brett

I understand well, But I ask you to understand my point of view. I have a device which was running many years till now. Only one slight change was needed. OK, It was my mistake. I should foresee that all tools needed “yesterday” would be needed in the future. But imagine it. It means that I would have to keep not only the project and code itself but rather old PC with old configuration and development environment. Doing it for all the projects I would have to have warehouse. OK, GHI boards are mentioned for prototyping. Now I see it. Sorry about my comments, I am busy man at the moment and If something stops to work due to short term support of a “supplier” it hurts.

I am SW developer and I know what it means to keep legacy SW working. But… If you delete a web link on which are some applications dependent and you know it… What would you say? Hard link in the app is bad idea anyway. My first reaction was pure honest. I do like GHI.

@Adam we are here to help, that is all we are saying. We will not fix the link but we will do our best to help you and everyone else. Of course, priority goes to active products. This is not about us asking you to buy new hardware, but this is us having limited resources and 99.9% of our time must be put into the greatest and latest. One day, if you get SITCore you will greatly appreciate and understand all the great work that was put into it.

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sorry, I gotta say, whats the difference between GHI removing legacy software from a 3rd party from their website, and a company going out of business and their website being removed? IMHO there’s no reason to think anything more about this scenario other than you need to be prepared, so four years ago you should have thought through all these things when you were actively using the kit, like you should do with any new dev board, and put away your software kit. Its also possible that a vendor like GHI could be directed to remove the legacy 3rd party software by that 3rd party vendor, depending on the software distribution terms. And I also said that there’s no reason for GHI to spend time/money/support resources to amend their installer if for example there was a link to the actual 3rd party vendor site, should the vendor change their site layout or anything… There’s just so many reasons why legacy software considerations are something we all need to take seriously and have our own plans in place to deal with them.

More time and typed characters have been invested in this conversation than what it would have taken to just set up a local dns redirect or http proxy and route around the problem.

Is the goal here to change the operations and the business model of GHI or to solve a tech problem?