LED Strip Module LED colors

Any chance GHI will offer other color leds?

My surface mount soldering skills aren’t that great (nonexistant actually)

Failing that, is it possible to send the eagle files somewhere and have them made (with a color change) ?

As @ Gary would say - for the right price everything is possible :wink:

Time to learn SMD soldering :slight_smile:

In all honesty, this isn’t a hard module to make. Does ChCh have a hackerspace that you could either have someone assist unsoldering/resoldering, or even home manufacture one ? A quick board on a CNC machine would be a simple way to do it - or if you had some boards made you could simply solder them up or have someone show you on one and leave you to do the rest :slight_smile:

I know its such a simple module, but i’m surprised GHI doesn’t offer a couple of choices.

I mean, if they offered all red, all green, all blue, and all yellow versions, who would buy just 1 color? At $2.95 each, I would imagine that many people would buy 1 of each color.

(maybe that’s just me!)

But as you say, maybe it is time to try smd soldering, despite what my wife calls my “force modulation impairment”

I just did a search and found this:

that could get ugly - above the pub ???