LED Shirt

Might just be my next NetMF project.


After this one of course. It was already in the works and I’ve just sent it to DF Robot. Fingers crossed they get it back to me before Christmas… :dance:


Nice work Jason. What does it do?

I can see 4 motor connections so I am assuming some form of robot controller?


it has four h-bridges to allow it to drive up to 3A, 24V DC linear actuators using PWM for a piece of test equipment I’m building. It’s controlled via USB from a PC that is also attached to a data aquisition unit and load cell. The force applied by the linear actuator(s) is read by the load cell and their position changed until an target force is reached. There’s also four high-side switched outputs for controlling pneumatic solenoids, also for control purposes. The header allows for expansion daughter boards that could contain an ESP wifi device, BLE or other hardware to extend the basic system.

Still some work to do to get the whole system operational, but this board is the start point.

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