LED overload

How about you get any LED strip of your choice, run them in lines, add few lines of code, and you can play videos right on the LED strips.

Thanks to latest addition to TinyCLR, you have 2 features that make this very easily possible. One is a native lookup table that lets you map pixels easily, The second one is a feature that converts native graphics to 888 or 8888 to match the LEDs expect.

Here is an example of 32 x 48 pixels.

Here is one with ony 10 pixels (10 strings) by 144 pixels in length


I want to see this on an entire wall… stay tuned!


Imagine this installed in the floor, under your feet, at the entrance of a nightclub!

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I imagine… :face_vomiting:


Where is @justin, aka the LED King, when you need him??

@Gus_Issa, you remember night clubs? Lucky!

hi is too busy with mini (display) (o)LED too.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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