LED is still GreenBlueSwapped

Hi Guys,

first of all thanks for the new update!
Keep up the good work…

But I dont want to be a spoilsport, but my led is still GreenBlueSwapped…
Im pretty sure i got the new dll, because the method SwapGreenBlue is missing.
There is a new property GreenBlueSwapped, if I set it to true everything works.

Is that the fix?
Or am I doing it wrong?


My MulticolorLED module works just fine, no swapping needed. But then again, mine worked fine before the most recent release as well.

Lucky you :slight_smile:

Whats your value of the GreenBlueSwapped Property?
Tried both LEDs, both not working properly…

led.GreenBlueSwapped = true;

Mine is false…
And I have to set it manually to true for the LED to work properly…
I remove the LED from the Project and start all over again…
Maybe that helps

did not work…

Created a new project, LED turns blue if I wanted green…
GreenBlueSwapped is still false upon application start.

Too bad :frowning:

Good Night guys, its getting late in Germany.

Will check this on Monday.

Thank you very much.

I have another question regarding to the source code.

Is there one solution that holds all the projects, or are they all seperated?
I checked out the code, but werent able to find the piece of software that glues all components together…

Can you please clarify what projects and components are you talking about?

I checked out the gadgeteer source, and tried to find any usage of the GreenBlueSwapped property,
but I found only internal usage with no setting of that value.

But Gus told me that his value of this property is true, so there must be an external component setting his value from false to true that I cant find.

And Im searching for that component or piece of code that sets that value.

This is what is on codeplex. Once you set the value to true or false then you can switch the colors.
You have to set this property manually.

// Fully changes the mode, timespans and colors
        private void SendCommand(Color color1, TimeSpan blinkTime1, Color color2, TimeSpan blinkTime2, Mode mode)
            long time1 = blinkTime1.Ticks / 1000;
            long time2 = blinkTime2.Ticks / 1000;

            // send the parameters with mode off to avoid side effects of previous mode
            if (GreenBlueSwapped)
                WriteParams((byte) (DaisyLinkOffset + Registers.Configuration), (byte) Mode.Off, 0x00,
                            color1.R, color1.B, color1.G,
                            color2.R, color2.B, color2.G,
                            (byte) (time1 >> 0), (byte) (time1 >> 8), (byte) (time1 >> 16), (byte) (time1 >> 24),
                            (byte) (time2 >> 0), (byte) (time2 >> 8), (byte) (time2 >> 16), (byte) (time2 >> 24));
                WriteParams((byte) (DaisyLinkOffset + Registers.Configuration), (byte) Mode.Off, 0x00,
                            color1.R, color1.G, color1.B,
                            color2.R, color2.G, color2.B,
                            (byte) (time1 >> 0), (byte) (time1 >> 8), (byte) (time1 >> 16), (byte) (time1 >> 24),
                            (byte) (time2 >> 0), (byte) (time2 >> 8), (byte) (time2 >> 16), (byte) (time2 >> 24));
            // now activate the correct mode
            WriteParams((byte)(DaisyLinkOffset + Registers.Configuration), (byte)mode, 0x1);

Thats what I found too,
but I keep asking myself why your value is true and mine was false…