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LED Display 16x2 Drawings



There is any chance to get the LED Display 16x2 mechanical drawings?

I need it because our designer is creating a panel box that will be using it and we didn’t find any measures about it’s dimensions.

If not could you provide a link to the LED display manufacturer part and an approximate size of the board behind?



See if there is 3D model file for that module on codeplex (while GHI site is down for maintanance)

You can also get that information from the eagle files


Hi thanks for the info, I looked to the 3D file and there is only the GHI_Display_HD44780_1.0.STEP, which is the No display version, this one is completely different to the one that has the display on it.

If at least I can get the display manufacturer drawings or dimensions will be great.

What is the eagle files? or how do I get to that?



Site is up. Board dimensions are on the product description page: :wink:

87mm x 37mm

By the way gadgeteer mounting holes are on the 5mm grid, so it is 80mm between centers of the holes in width and 30mm in height.

Looks like this module is not an open source hw, so there are no Eagle files. Eagle files are the schematics and board layout required to manufacture the actual device. These can be viewed/edited with Eagle PCB software which has a free version.


HD44780 modules are a dime a dozen, and have reasonably standard mounting holes. Pick any one you can find on the web and you should locate a set of dimensions as easily as anything else.