LCD on the Panda II


I’m scaling down a project from a Chipworkx device to a Fez Panda II but I’d like to keep having a screen, even if it’s not as good as the Chipworkx, which is great ;D.

Would I be able to use this screen on a Panda II?

If not, what other possibilities do I have?

Thanks in advance

I cant see any problems with using that LCD. Its just a serial interfaced display, and to a great price. I have used this backpack a lot and get some cheap LCD of eBay.

I’m using that LCD on a Domino without issue. Same code should run on a Panda II (once I get the new SDK on mine ;)) Just to be clear, all you can send it are chars/strings, and you can only see 2 lines of 16 chars each at a time. It does not do ‘graphics’ per se, but you can get some interesting results using non standard character sets. Some symbols will display, some won’t. If you just need a text display, you can’t beat the price.

I have found that the Newhaven Displays serial LCDs, , are easy to use as well and have three serial protocols supported by adding or changing a jumper. Best of all you can do i2c! So you don’t actually have to give up a set of pins just for the display, and keyboard and display on the same I2C bus using only 3 pins, SCL, SDA, and an interrupt for the keypad.
I started with the blue ones but am using the gray ones now. Love’m .
They come with serial, SPI and I2C built in and work perfect with 3v3 system.

I don’t work for Newhaven Displays nor do I get anything for talking about them. Just lovem