LCD I2C Driver for Newhaven displays


Here’s a simple driver for the NHD-0216K3Z-FL-GBW 2x16 Characters LCD display that can be bought for example here:[url][/url]

The driver uses I2C to communicate with the LCD.

You can find it here:

I hope you will find it useful.


These newhaven display work over SPI, I2C and UART! I have tested few and they worked great.

My favorite was this one

… absolutely huge and love the blue color.

I used OutputCompare so I can run the display on any IO and I only need one wire.

Does UART/RS232 mode on the Newhaven display actually work when I connect the display?
Because I thought I always needed a 3.3v display and this one is 5v?

The blue 4x20 is indeed very cool ;D

It worked fine when I tried it :slight_smile: