LCD.Configurations for EMX

We are using the EMX module in one our products. The application is currently running on NETMF 4.1, which was supplied by GHI Electronics. I am porting the original C# project from 4.1 to 4.3. I have installed NETMF SDK 4.3 from Microsoft and updated the project’s assembly references to your NETMF Package 2013 R3. There are a couple of modifications I need to make to the application that refer to: GHI.Premium.Hardware.Configuration.LCD.

  1. v. 4.3 no longer supports Configurations.PixelClockDivider. Is this replaced by PixelClockRateKHz?. The current (4.1) application sets the divider to 12. The documentation states that the EMX LCD Clock = 72 MHZ / PixelClockDivider. Am I correct in setting PixelClockRateKHz to 6000?

  2. v. 4.3 no longer supports Configurations.PriorityEnable. The documentation states it should not be used unless necessary, and my application sets it to false. Is it safe to simply comment out this line during the port?

Thank you in advance.

Unless you have your own firmware for the EMX, there is no 4.3 firmware for it at the moment.

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I think he’s targeting 4.2.

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If I remember right this was asked on the forum already somewhere (in the beginning of the GHI 4.2 FW.
I think it was also added to the docs somewhere.

And I think you can just try it. I don’t think you can damage anything with the wrong value.

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True, I installed NETMF 4.3 but I am targeting 4.2 in my project properties.


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