LCD compatibility beginners question


I’ve just ordered a Fez Domino to a local reseller, and with it I bought a Matrix Orbital MOP-AL162A-BBTW: LCD 2x16. I know it is a parallel LCD and it uses the standard HD44780 controller.

On page 9 it states that the ‘supply voltage for logic’ needs to be between 4.5v and 5.5v. It also says the ‘input high voltage’ is 0.7 Vdd (which would be 3.15 minimum if I understand correctly).

Will this work with the Domino? Also, can somebody explain to me why the hardware is 3.3v while most parts are somewhere around 5v?

You will be outside the specifications but it most likely work just fine. It is easy to try it out :slight_smile: We have the code, you only need to connect few wires

Could you try to explain ‘outside the specifications’ to me ? I’d like to learn how to avoid buying wrong parts in the future.

When they say high level has to be 0.7 vdd then this is ideal and you should use 5V voltage levels but since you are only building this project for fun and not going to extreme temperatures and extreme noise then my pas experience tells me that you will probably never run into problems.

If you are making a commercial product then I would ask you to find a 3.3V display or 5V one that has TTL levels, that is 2.0V for high level

Thank you for explaining