LCD calibration

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Having read through posts of the forum it looks like we have to calibrate and save that data away somewhere to be loaded in each app we run on the board.

Could this not be implemented automagically by the board itself?



I assume you mean the touchscreen calibration. You can include the calibration on every board, however it may not be as accurate depending on each touchscreen, the actual positioning of the touchscreen over the display, etc.

It used to be that many palmtop computers (a format which has seemingly disappeared) and similar touchscreen devices required you to calibrate them all. Now days, many of them run with the factory calibration as they are built to higher tolerances.

IMHO, for most apps the best way would be to include “factory” calibration data, but make the calibration procedure available just in case it’s needed.

EMXs are already calibrated for the 3.5" LCD.
You can re-calibrate using calibrate example in NETMF SDK.
If you want to save ti, you should use EWR.


I have the 4.3 unfortunately.



@ Andy,

Storing & retrieving the LCD calibration is dead simple. There are examples in the Microsoft SDK as well as Pyxis 2 Beta 1 ([url][/url])

Thanks for the pointers.


If you are only tinkering at the moment as I was at the beginning You can do this:-
put your touch data in byte arrays ( this data is relevant to my screen, might be near enough your yours)

short[] cx = { 469, 174, 168, 768, 768 };
            short[] cy = { 485, 228, 743, 716, 222 };
            short[] sx = { 240, 48, 40, 432, 432 };
            short[] sy = { 136, 26, 246, 246, 26 };

The load it in when your application starts

                            5, sx, sy, cx, cy);

I included it in my project ( I don’t think its gonna move much and it works )

just an easy fix

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HI Ian,

Thanks, I will do just that with the values I got from the microsoft sample.

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